Supporting Anxious Patients

Around 85% of us worry about our health problems from time to time, and some of us have to really try and manage serious medical conditions.

However some people, health worries can become overwhelming and a extreme problem if not addressed properly.

What charity work is being done to help?

How Health care professionals can help you

Once your GP/health care professional has seen that you do suffer from a type of health anxiety, Around 80% of people fear having any dental work so it makes the dental health department have a very tough time in comforting there patients.

There however  isn’t a serious physical cause for these symptoms you might have, they are then obligated to investigate whether you might have a problem, such as depression or anxiety disorder, that may be causing or worsening your symptoms.  Have a look over here

There are two main Types of Health anxiety:

Always looking reassurance  – for example, obsessively researching illnesses from the internet, booking frequent GP appointments, and having frequent tests that don’t find any problems.

Avoidant behaviour – This is someone who tends to avoid medical TV programmes, any GP appointments and anything else that could unfortunately trigger any sort of anxiety, and avoiding activities such as exercise that are perceived to make the condition worse. 

The Alzheimer’s population in the UK is amongst the largest in Europe   

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