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Investment in the Future of Alzheimer's Disease

ART has established  in the centres of the Network a PhD programme in which the brightest and best ‘embryo’ scientists are obtaining postgraduate education and research training in a first class AD research environment to prepare them for careers as the next generation of AD researchers. These students are doing valuable research as part of their training, as well as developing the skills to operate independently in future. ART’s appeal with the help of The Times funded a PhD at Cardiff to look at risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. A further three PhDs were funded with the help of Charitable Trusts in 1999.  A further three PhDs have now begun work:


Berwyn Lloyd - University of Wales College of Medicine in Cardiff. The Cardiff PhD, funded by readers of The Times looks at genetic risk factors, specifically the involvement of Angiotensin - converting enzyme in Alzheimer's Disease

Rachael Scahill - Institute of Neurology, University College London. Funded by the Band Trust, Rachael is researching the analysis of magnetic resonance imaging volume data sets (a diagnostic and measuring tool)

Julia Thomas - University of Oxford - funded by the A & S Burton 1960 Charitable Trust, this PhD for research into the effects of homocysteine on potassium channel function in platelets (leading to possible methods to prevent Alzheimer's disease)

  Kimberly Hodinott - University of Aberdeen.  Thanks to Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, the Robertson Trust and an anonymous donor, this PhD studies  modelling of Tau protein (part of the classic pathology of Alzheimer's disease).

The PhDs which started in October 2000 are:

Claire Small - University of Dundee.  The role of nitric oxide synthase as a component of the inflammatory response associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Claudie Hooper- Institute of Neurology, University College London.  With the support of The Haberdashers' Pinchin Foundation, the project is researching the interplay between stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

Orla Teahan - University of Newcastle.  Researching the impact of cerebrovascular disease on Alzheimer's pathology in the elderly.
Sarah Lambourne

The new PhD projects to begin in October 2001 are as follows:
a. Manchester - the pathway to y secretase dependent cleavage of he B amyloid precursor protien
b. Cambridge - the early diagnosis of AD and related dmentias using tests of naming people and cross-modal associative learning
c. Inst of Pscyhiatry, London - Insulin signalling - coupling APP metabolism to Tau phosphorylation

The cost of a full PhD is 57,000. We are happy to discuss the naming of a studentship after trusts or individuals. Contact Rebecca Wood, Chief Executive, Alzheimer's Research Trust, Livanos House, Granhams Road, Cambridge CB2 5LQ or email