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Help us find a treatment or prevention for a terrible disease.

'We urgently need to invest in medical research into Alzheimer's disease to ensure a quality of life for our ageing population and those individuals who are tragically struck by this disease in mid-life. We can only achieve this with your help'

The Countess of Onslow, President

Over half a million people currently suffer from Alzheimer's disease in the UK, of which approximately 17,000 are under 65. The financial cost of this disease represents and enormous drain on valuable NHS resources.

The Alzheimer's Research Trust (ART), launched in 1993, is a national charity that promotes research into the causal mechanisms of neuro-degenerative disease (AD) and similar diseases and disseminates the results of this research.

You can help Alzheimer's Research Trust in a number of different ways as you will see below.  Your support is vital to us, and every little helps.

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