Charity Work

At Alzheimer’s Research we know that by working together for the common cause of beating this disease, we can one day say we helped find a cure for Alzheimer’s. We know that with your help this is even more attainable.

We have hosted a number of philanthropy events such as fundraisers which have included the likes of cake sales, sponsored runs, and events in primary and secondary schools to bring awareness to the reality of Alzheimer’s. We stand by the importance of introducing illnesses like this to children at a young age, so that they can not only be more sensitive and understanding to those suffering from it, but also be able to quickly identify symptoms with adults they know, who may be at the early stages of the disease and not be aware at all. All of the proceeds of these events go into Alzheimer’s research, as well as treatment for those directly affected by the disease and support for their families.

How you can help

There are a multitude of volunteering opportunities for anyone who is kind enough to give their time and heart to support the cause. From campaigning events to companionship services and events volunteers – there is an opportunity for anyone to help. Whether you know a little or a lot about Alzheimer’s; whether you prefer public speaking or talking one on one with someone who battles it on a daily basis and just needs a chat.

You can make difference to the life of someone with Alzheimer’s. You can help find a cure.

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