Imagine leaving your house to walk down the same street you have lived in your entire life; the place you know like the back of your hand and have accepted as your home, quirks and all - only to realise that you have no idea where you are. This is just one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. 850,000 people in the UK are left as strangers within their own homes due to the horrifying effects of this disease.

What is Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease which causes deterioration of the human brain. It is the most common cause of dementia and can eat away at a person so quickly that they often do not detect they have it until it has progressed too far. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s is unique with each individual, however for most people, the earliest symptom includes memory lapses and trouble remembering details of recent events.

The Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

  • Memory Loss:
  • Constantly misplacing small items (glasses, keys etc.)
  • Forgetting important anniversaries and dates
  • Forgetting peoples’ names
  • Losing track of time and seasons
  • Challenges with Problem Solving:
  • Taking longer to complete work
  • Increased difficulty with concentrating
  • Difficulty Completing Daily Tasks
  • Finding it hard to complete a familiar task at work
  • Needing help with how to use the oven/washing machine etc.
  • Getting Lost in Familiar Places
  • Not knowing how to get home
  • Feeling lost in own home
  • Trouble With Communication
  • Difficulty with following a conversation
  • Forget certain vocabulary
  • Mood Swings and Personality Changes
  • Can be easily upset or suspicious even around family and friends
  • Disinterest in hobbies
  • Withdrawal from social and work situations


If you notice these signs in a family, friend and especially yourself, we recommend that you book an appointment with your doctor immediately.

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